Given up on your BIG dreams?

What if you had a dream, a BIG dream, a life-long goal, one that you realllly want…

Why would you allow others to talk you out of your BIG dream?

Your life is about manifesting your dreams. You are worthy and deserving of the very best in life.

You deserve to live your dream — your dream and no one else’s, no matter how big your dream is.

Someone I knew a while back had a dream, and that was to own a small speedboat; one that takes four people comfortably.

He didn’t want anything too fancy, just one that he can enjoy ‘power-boating’ once in a while.

“My wife never supported me. She thinks it’s way out of our financial capability,” he dejectedly confided in me.

“When I flick though the speed-boating magazines at the newsagents I go into my private world, dreaming the ‘if only’ dream.

“Then, unfortunately, I return to reality, the reality of, “Oh, well. I guess it’s not meant to happen, because my wife will nag at me not to get one.

“How sad is that? But it’s all right for her to have all the jewellery and shoes she wants.”

Yes. That’s very sad.

If he passionately wants that speed boat he could get it if he takes managing his money more seriously.

If he controls, manages, or at the very least, reduces his emotional spending habits and opens a savings account, and regularly puts money in there, in the not-too-distant-future he could be the proud owner of his dream speed boat, and still allow his family to live a comfortable life — which will keep his wife off his back.

This is an example of living your dream by controlling your emotions; in this case, emotional spending.

If you have a dream, never let anyone force you to change it.

If it’s your life-long dream, go for it.

There are people around you who will try to talk you out of your dream.

They’ll accuse you of being crazy, outlandish, dreaming way beyond your means. Perhaps they’ll say your dream is senseless, peculiar or even eccentric.

Fine, allow them to voice their opinion.

Just don’t get too emotional — don’t feel down, sad or even angry that they’re trying to talk you out of your dream.

It is their opinion and they’re entitled to it. Other than that, do not give them the opportunity to sway you in any way.

The moment that you allow someone to influence you against what you want, you may lose motivation and confidence in yourself, as well as your desire to achieve that dream.

We all have dreams; some are big and some small.

Are YOU ready to take back your dreams?


Go for it!